United Methodist Men and Carpenter Bus Sales, Inc.

Does your church or ministry need a bus?  The UMM is pleased to recommend Carpenter Bus Sales.  We have found them to share the same values that UMM stand for. 


They are conscientious in service, honest in their dealings and go the extra mile to help their clients find just the right bus for their needs.  In business since 1953, Carpenter Bus has become one of the largest bus dealers in the country and the #1 Church Bus Dealer in the country.


They are very knowledgeable when it come to buses.  They can help you make sure you get what you need and don’t pay for what you don’t need.  And because of their volume, they are able to offer lower prices than their competitors.


So if you need a bus, click here to get more information from Carpenter Bus.


Answers to Your Bus Buying Questions


  1. What are the different size buses and their general price ranges?
    Three Size Categories Price Ranges for New Buses*
    Smaller Buses – Up to 15 Passengers** $44,900 - $52,900
    Midsize Buses – 16 to 26 Passengers $51,900 - $58,000
    Larger Buses – 27 to 45 Passengers $79,900 - $160,000
    Type-A School Buses – 15 to 30 children $42,000 - $52,000

    *     Used Buses are also available.  Prices vary considerably based on age and mileage.

    **    Buses that are 15 passenger and under do not require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

  2. Who makes these buses?
  3. Some of the leading bus manufactures are Starcraft, Glaval, & Federal Coach. Carpenter Bus Sales represents all these manufacturers.


    These buses feature chassis built by Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, International and Freightliner.  (Most are Fords.)

  4. What are some of the most popular options?
    • V-10 Gas Engine
    • Rear Storage & Overhead Storage
    • Audio/Visual Packages
    • Wheel chair stations & lifts
    • Seat Side Sliders (more hip room)
    • Dual Air Conditioners

  5. Are 15-passenger vans really unsafe?

    Yes.  Because of the number of lawsuits against churches, some of the major insurance companies are no longer insuring these vans.  To find out what makes them unsafe, click here

  6. Is financing available?

    Yes, up to 100% financing is available for up to 7 years.

    Leasing payments can be as low as $601 for a Smaller bus, $653 for a Midsize bus & $1221 for a Larger bus.

  7. Why has United Methodist Men endorsed Carpenter Bus Sales?
    • They understand the transportation needs of churches.  They are church-friendly.
    • They are the largest Church Bus Dealer in the country.  With their large inventory, you won’t have to wait months for your bus to be ready.  It’s ready and waiting right now.
    • In business since 1953, they know buses.  Over the years they have learned what will work for you and what won’t.
    • They have developed a “Local Warranty Program” that allows you to get warranty service in your local area.
    • They are glad to pay you fair market value on your trade-ins.


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Is Your Van Safe?       


15-Passenger Van Safety is big news these days.

Because of the safety risks involved, federal law prohibits the sale of 15-passenger vans for the school-related transport of high school age and younger students.


Many states have passed regulations limiting the use of these vans.


Many institutions have already set deadlines for discontinuing the use of 15-passenger vans.


The nation's leading insurer of churches has stated that "15-passenger vans are inherently unsafe as currently used by many owners." They highly encourage "all organizations to strongly consider other transportation options."



They are simply not safe for transporting large groups of people!


The rollover risk, according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), of 15-passenger vans is 35% when loaded with 10-15 passengers, and 70% when loaded with 16 or more passengers! (By comparison, passenger cars have a rollover risk of less than 10%.) For more information, click here.


From 1990-2003, 424 people lost their lives in van rollover accidents and hundreds more have been seriously injured.


See also, vanangels.com


What's the solution?

Replace your van with a safe, 15-passenger bus that meets Federal Safety specifications.


Carpenter Bus has several models to choose from.


Dual-Rear Wheels.


Easier on-off.


More Headroom.


Center Aisle.


Greater Comfort.

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