Upper Room Prayer Line

Connecting Callers to a Powerful Prayer Network

With the support of United Methodist Men across the United States, The Upper Room Prayer Living Center has prayed for millions of individuals since April 1977. Trained volunteers answer the phone, and more than 300 covenant prayer groups around the world pray for the requests received at the Living Prayer Center.

The Upper Room Living Prayer Center currently receives approximately 20,000 calls for prayer each month. More than 7,000 requests are submitted through the web page, prayer-center.upperroom.org.

Need prayer? Call The Upper Room Living Prayer Center toll-free prayer line at 800.251.2468, 7:00 a.m.& 11:00 p.m. (CST) or visit its web page anytime: prayer-center.upperroom.org/. Your prayer request will be e-mailed to a global Covenant Prayer Group network of prayer volunteers who will intercede on behalf of your need.

United Methodist Men and The Upper Room Living Prayer Center have enjoyed a long relationship since 1977. Many United Methodist Men units have had remote prayer center groups at their churches and have also answered the lines while at our gatherings at Purdue University many times.

Equipping and Connecting Disciples to Deepen Their Prayer Lives

The mission of The Upper Room Living Prayer Center is to help individuals, small groups, and local congregations grow in their understanding and experience of prayer. Since their beginnings, The Living Prayer Center, it has had a single purpose: to help disciples of Christ experience the living, transformative power of prayer.

Intercessory prayer is not something that just “happens.” That is why we have created a way for the thousands who need prayer to connect with prayer partners who are called and trained to meet those needs.

Connecting Callers to a Powerful Prayer Network
The Living Prayer Center ministry is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Galatians 6:2, Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Intercessory prayer groups across the nation are a vital part of the prayer ministry. Upper Room Covenant Prayer Groups, chartered after a minimal study period, receive prayer requests weekly or monthly from The Upper Room by mail or by phone. There are now over 300 Covenant Prayer Groups around the world.

The Upper Room provides two-thirds of the budget for the prayer ministry, and United Methodist Men provides the remaining one-third of the cost. This ministry could not exist without the support of United Methodist Men groups around the United States.

In addition to providing financial support for the ministry, men groups are encouraged to answer the prayer line and to promote the prayer line ministry at their events and gatherings. Many of our groups answer the prayer line from the safety and convenience of their church or home.

These men groups, after training (usually by their Conference Prayer Advocate), answer the prayer line for a minimum 2-hour time slot. These groups could be United Methodist Men at local church or district event, at their annual conference, or at any other special event in their area.

The Living Prayer Center also charters groups that covenant to intercede for requests that the Prayer Center sends them. The goal is to not only to pray with the callers but also to share callers' concerns with prayer groups and individuals who commit to intercede for each prayer request received.

UMM makes it possible for the Living Prayer Center to operate 7 days a week, with caring personnel. The Prayer Ministry Endowment is over $100,000 through the UMM Foundation. UMM dreams of putting sufficient funds in the endowment to pay for the entire prayer ministry.

If you want more information about The Upper Room Living Prayer Center, visit: http://prayer-center.upperroom.org/ or follow The Upper Room Living Prayer Center on Facebook.

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