Men’s Ministry Specialists


The mission of every Men’s Ministry Specialist (MMS) is to serve United Methodist lay and clergy leaders and their congregations in the ministry of Jesus Christ through men.

Certification as a MMS

A MMS is not an elected position within the UMC. MMS is a trained position that includes required classroom style training, interactive ministry and missions training, and commitment to spiritual growth as an ongoing process. There are specified training, experience and personal growth requirements that must be completed and documented before an MMS candidate is certified to serve within the UMC.

Core Values Demonstrated and Documented by a MMS

  1. A growing disciple of Jesus Christ
  2. A man mentored by and accountable to a spiritual advisor
  3. A servant leader, called to serve in men’s ministry
  4. A man of Godly character, faithful, trustworthy and credible
  5. A United Methodist Man, committed to the United Methodist Church

Demonstrated Skill Set of a MMS

  1. A man who is skilled in oral and written communication.
  2. A man who is faithful, available and teachable and one who can teach others.
  3. A man who skillfully evaluates a congregation’s whole ministry, seeking means expand outreach, involvement and discipleship of men.
  4. A man with listening skills, who can serve as a trustworthy advisor.
  5. A man who is a life-long learner; and growing with God.

Roles and Responsibilities of a MMS

  1. Communicates effectively with lay and clergy leaders, by listening and assessing their needs and goals. Offers effective training, resources and programs to help congregations fulfill their mission with fully engaged men who are growing spiritually.
  2. Assists a congregation men’s ministry team working as partners with clergy and other church leaders toward an all-inclusive ministry to men.
  3. Connects congregation leaders with district, conference, regional and national leaders (both lay and clergy) and ministry resources. The MMS does not replace or displace district or conference leaders; he is a resource partner with and for them.
  4. Equips and motivates congregation leaders to discover unique local means of ministry to and through men. The MMS will help congregations create clear pathways of spiritual growth for men at all stages of spiritual maturity.
  5. Serves one or several UM congregations, using consultative skills and spiritual discernment to offer ministry resources that best suit the needs of men in each local congregation.
  6. Documents meetings and interaction with congregation as a means of reporting progress
  7. Identifies and trains other men to assist him and perhaps serve as MMSs.

Men's Ministry Specialist Directory

The Men's Ministry Specialist directory is available upon request. Please contact Joseph Strausbaugh, Charter Administrator and Men's Ministry Coordinator, at or 615-620-7269.


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