BSA 100th anniversary commemorative knife

Our Scouting Ministry is a very important part of The United Methodist Church. We have a special opportunity to expand our scouting ministries through a partnership with Kenny Whitworth who is the owner of WKRW Visual Arts.

WKRW Visual Arts is licensed by the Boy Scouts of America to craft a unique Limited Edition 100th Anniversary collector knife. This specialty knife is designed with stainless steel blades, inlaid with enamel and 24kt gold accents. In the handle is a magnifying lens with a picture of William D. Boyce, found of the Boy Scouts of America. Each knife has a certificate of authenticity with a special display case. This knife is limited to 25,000 worldwide. The UMC has the opportunity to sell this special collector knife before it goes on sale nationwide. The knife issue price is $49.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. Our scouting ministry will receive 6% of all sales we generate. If we sell out of the 25,000 limited edition, we will receive  an additional $10,000 to be used for new unit creation, training, resources and related ministry initiative. This goal can be easily accomplished by selling only 5 knives per scout unit!

This will serve as a great gift for Scout Sunday (February 13) for a scoutmaster, scouts, Eagle Scouts or a committee member that has made a difference in your life or service to the church. Just think of the future collector's value this knife will have. This is not the knife lost or left in your dresser drawer! This is the priceless collector item passed down from generation to generation that will remind them of your scouting career and your lifetime of achievements.

You may place your order by going to Enter code "100." This site will provide you information about the genesis of scouting in the United States and the 100th Anniversary.