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More than one million Strength for the Service books were distributed during World War II and the Korean conflict before it went out of print. Fifty years later, a young boy named Evan Hunsberger was inspired by his grandfather’s worn copy and began working to republish the book as his Eagle Scout project.

Starting with his grandfather’s original book, Evan made slight editorial changes in the text and solicited additional contributions from many of today’s religious leaders. Evan’s new edition was faithful to the 1942 edition while reflecting a contemporary flavor that considers present day concerns.

Strength for Service, which is the only book of its kind, was released in 2002, and has since been distributed to more than 400,000 people of all denominations. The General Commission on United Methodist Men is the organization behind getting the book distributed on a daily basis.

The pocket-sized devotional has a waterproof and tear-resistant soft cover binding and contains 365 devotions written by leading Protestant ministers in the early 1940s, along with 40 additional contributions from women, Roman Catholic clergy, African American and other minority leaders and leaders of other faith groups.

Strength for Service books have not only been given to troops deploying to the Middle East, they have also been sent to institutions caring for the wounded. However, with new deployments, thousands of troops still need this historic book. Chaplains and other religious leaders note that these young men and women often raise questions about spiritual issues they had ignored until they were forced to acknowledge their own mortality.

“Soldiers like the format and they like the way in which it ties them to pat generations. Patients and staff find the book just as uplifting today as it must have been for men and women in World War II and the Korean War. The books continue to touch more souls every day.”

Major John L. Kallerson, senior chaplain
Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC
  • Strength for Service Facts

    Below are some interesting facts about Strength for Service and the impact it continues to make in the lives of our military.

    • Since 2002, Strength for Service has been distributed to more than 400,000 people.
    • Strength for Service’s website includes the devotionals from the book.
    • In 2008, more than 35,000 books were distributed, proving the need for Strength for Service continues to be great.
    • Strength for Service has partnered with a variety of military service organizations to increase distribution of the books to our nation’s troops.
    • Strength for Service is a member of America Supports You, a Department of Defense program recognizing citizens' support for our military and communicating that support to members of our Armed Forces and their families, at home and abroad.
    • Strength for Service’s team travels to events informing chaplains about the book and the support of churches and individuals to provide it to the military free of charge.

    “In the past few hours, I showed the devotional online to a fellow chaplain who is leaving tomorrow for northern Iraq for 15 months. He was excited about the prospect of getting some of the Strength for Service devotional guides. He will join his unit that just arrived in Iraq and whose commander is a previous parishioner of mine. He is requesting 100 to 120 of the devotionals for the three hundred troops he will be caring for driving convoys from Turkey to Baghdad.”

    Captain Steven Lambert, chaplain
    U.S. Army, Alaska
  • The Goal

    Help us give a copy of the Strength for Service to God and Country daily devotional to every active duty member of the United States Armed Forces. You can participate in the effort to underwrite the publication and distribution of one million copies of this historic book.

    Strength for Service has proven to be a real blessing to my husband, Bill, who is proudly serving in our armed forces stationed in Kuwait. He has shared the book with some of the other men in his unit and the chaplain now uses my husband’s copy every day when he prays with the helicopter pilots as they prepare to make their flights.”

    Deborah Johnson
    Hiram, Georgia
  • Domestic Distribution

    Many scout troops and other community organizations also distribute the books to police, firefighters, paramedics, prison guards and other public servants in their local communities. Discounts for bulk purchases have made this effort affordable.

    “Thank you and all who have contributed to publishing Strength for Service. You have touched many lives in a positive, faith-promoting way. Please continue the good work. God bless and simper fidelis.”

    Chaplain Lieutenant Stuart
    101st Airborne, Fort Campbell, Kent.
  • Special Editions

    For large quantity orders (10,000 or more copies) special bindings with type or logo of a sponsoring church or organization may be added to the stamping on the cover. Call 866-297-4312 for information.

    “I really appreciate the copies of Strength for Service to God and Country! I work with basic training soldiers––as well as drill sergeants and some other soldiers. I get many requests for religious reading material––especially since the basic training soldiers aren't allowed to read other materials––so this book really helps. It is a great durable book that can go anywhere with them.Thank you for this ministry you provide for our soldiers. It is a real blessing, and can certainly have great eternal value!

    “May God Bless each of you involved with the Strength for Service project.”

    Captain Doug Hoover, chaplain
    2-10 Infantry Battalion
    Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

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