GCUMM Presents legislation to the 2012 General Conference to reduce board size

March 21st, 2012


General Conference, the top legislative body of the UMC, will meet April 24-May 4 in Tampa, FL.

Nine hundred and eighty-eight delegates from around the world will set policy and direction for the denomination.

 During the 11-day session, delegates will revise The Book of Discipline, a book of law that regulates the manner in which local churches, annual conferences and general agencies are organized.  The book sets policies regarding church membership, ordination, administration, property and judicial procedures.  One such piece of legislation that the General Commission on United Methodist Men will submit has to do with the restructure of its board size.  In an effort of efficiency and stewardship, the GCUMM board sent a petition to General Conference to reduce the size of its board for the next quadrennium.  Below is the legislation that was submitted.  It will be listed on page 1079-1080 of the Advanced DCA and reads as follows:

Suggested title: Amend membership in Commission on United Methodist Men

Discipline Paragraph 2303


Amend Paragraph 2303

 2303.1 The commission shall consist of twenty five (25) twenty (20)...

 2303 1 (b) the five (5) jurisdictional presidents of United Methodist Men and the national president

2303.1(c) six members elected by the National Association of Conference Presidents of United Methodist Men, including the national president and five members at large (including at least
two members of the commission from the previous quadrennium, for continuity)
chosen for expertise and jurisdictional balance if possible;

2303.1(f) the president of the National Association of United Methodist Men Scouters

2303.1(g) six eight (8)members at large elected by the commission for inclusiveness, expertise and balance, which should include at least one young person under age 30 and at least two members of the commission from the previous quadrennium.

2303.1(h) one representative from a men’s ministry from a Pan-Methodist church

2303.6 Funding––The General Council on Finance and Administration shall make provisions for the necessary support of the work of the commission by providing World Service funds to complement the direct revenue and contributions from United Methodist Men. This shall
include meeting and related expenses for central conference representative.

2303.7. Advisory panel –– The commission may create an advisory panel consisting of representatives of affiliated organizations.

 Rationale for Changes to the Paragraph 2309

 In keeping with recommendations from the Call to Action Committee, GCUMM recommends a reduction in the size of their governing board. The proposed reduction will not change the
representation or expertise required for effective ministry to and with men.  The president of the National Association of United Methodist Scouters will move from a board member to a panel of affiliates and ministry partners, a better fit for this important group.
Members of this panel may attend GCUMM board meetings and they are granted
voice but not vote.

The five at-large members from the National Association of Conference Presidents will be removed as the representation from each jurisdiction will continue through the jurisdictional
presidents. The slight increase in at-large positions elected by the commission
will increase our diversity and expertise. The discontinuation of the Pan
Methodist representative is consistent with legislation proposed by the General
Commission on Christian Unity and Inter-Religious Concerns.