Small Groups - Organizing and Resources


Steps for organizing a small group of men for accountability and resources for sustaining this group.

Special Worship Services for UMMen


Suggestions for clergy appreciation, father's day, men's day worship services and a father/son banquet.

Strength for Service - First Responders Celebration Service


An order of worship for the presentation of Strength for Service to God and Community to first responders

Strength for Service, Inc. Brochure


Brochure for Strength for Service, Inc., a nonprofit organization affiliated with GCUMM whose mission is to publish and provide spiritual and inspirational literature for members of the armed services, law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs/paramedics and other community servants.

Susanna Wesley Award of Excellence Presentation


A suggested presentation service for the Susanna Wesley Award.

Technology and Men's Ministry


Computer Programs and Applications that are essential or beneficial for interacting with GCUMM and reaching more men for Christ.

Delete reference to toll-free telephone service

Delete reference to toll-free telephone service”

Amend Paragraph 23024g:

Program partnership with The Upper Room in the Living Prayer Center ministry including support for toll telephone service participation, and promotion.  At all levels of the United Methodist Men’s network there shall be prayer advocates;


UM Men Disciple Bible Study Supplement

Bishop Richard B. Wilke, the principal architect and author of DISCIPLE Bible Study, has produced a “Meditation and Action Guide” for UM men studying DISCIPLE II. The guide offers personal meditations for men and weekly calls to action.

UMM Resources Order Form


This is the most up to date form for ordering UMM resources and materials.  This form includes most books and documents available through GCUMM. For best results, save to your desktop before filling out and submitting.  

The GCUMM Now has an online store where these itmes can be ordered:  Go to


Understanding Mens Ministry


Introduction flyer for Understanding Men's Ministry, a training course based on No Man Left Behind that helps churches expand their ministry to all men in the church and community.  This course is intended for district-level events and as an advanced lay speaking ministries course.