UMM is working to implement a new model and vision of men’s ministry. We believe that the result will be men involved in all four areas of focus which will reach the world for Christ. United Methodist Men are responding to the four areas of focus in the following ways:

New places for new people and renewal of existing congregations…

  • Awakening and building new spiritually as a means to revive congregations.
  • Training clergy and lay leaders in effective discipleship of men.
  • Encouraging and equipping men to serve their pastors and congregations as ministry partners.
  • Assisting UMC leaders beyond the USA with relevant training and resources.

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Being and doing

By Dr. Rick Vance

There is a fine line between being and doing.

Our being begins with following the advice from the psalmist “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

A state of being allows us to hear from God’s messages of acceptance, hope, love, purpose, and direction. A state of being is where we are renewed, fed, and empowered to go into ministry.

On the other hand, doing is where we live out the ministry and mission to which God calls us.

In Mathew 28:16-20, Jesus is clear: the disciples must live out their mission of making disciples.

Their doing is in direct response to their being disciples.

As men’s ministry leaders, we may get stuck in either being a doer or in our being.

God calls us to be both.

Our works, service, and charity are our responses to being in relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our doing by engaging in actions of justice, love and mercy is the result of walking humbly with God.

This is the theological foundation for our ministry.

As UM Men we are called “to coach men to thrive through Christ so others may know Him.”

 That action begins with being in an “on-growing” relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ask yourself, “What am I doing to enrich my being a disciple of Jesus Christ? And what am I doing to fulfill God’s call in my life and the life of men’s ministry?

Finally, I would like to thank so many who have already given to our second annual Give Day.

If you have not yet given and you would like to be part of the expansion team who is helping to provide training and resources for the ministry of commission, please consider giving on October 19th.

Thank you and blessings.

The Rev. Dr. Rick Vance, director of the Center for Men’s Ministries

General Commission on UM Men


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