UMM is working to implement a new model and vision of men’s ministry. We believe that the result will be men involved in all four areas of focus which will reach the world for Christ. United Methodist Men are responding to the four areas of focus in the following ways:

New places for new people and renewal of existing congregations…

  • Awakening and building new spiritually as a means to revive congregations.
  • Training clergy and lay leaders in effective discipleship of men.
  • Encouraging and equipping men to serve their pastors and congregations as ministry partners.
  • Assisting UMC leaders beyond the USA with relevant training and resources.

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Growing our ministry during an unscheduled pause


By Herman Lightsey

Wow! As of the release of this newsletter most, if not all, jurisdictions have hosted a National Day of Prayer. I am particularly thankful the North East Jurisdiction took a leap of faith and hosted the first day of prayer, and I’m grateful for their willingness to help other jurisdictions establish similar events. This spirit is going to grow this ministry.

The virus has caused us to pause, but out of this pause we have seen tremendous growth in ministry to men and their families. We have seen innovations such as Zoom meetings, along with virtual training courses such as The Class Meeting, Lead Like Jesus, and New Leader training. On August 14-15, Rick Vance will hold the first virtual training for Men’s Ministry Specialists, and on September 24-26, the commission will host its first virtual board meeting.

When new leaders of UM Men stepped up in early March, the world was a much different place than it is today. We are still looking for the new normal. But, God never promised to take us around life’s trial and tribulations. He did promise to never leave us and to see us through every issue, good or bad.

I do not know about you, but, looking in the rear view of my life, I see God guiding me through the perils of life. He was there when I really did not want Him there and He was there when I needed him most. All the time He was inviting me to come home to Him.

I do not know why God loves us so much. We are hard to love most of the time, but He never gives up on us.

The virus has caused us to pause, but out of this pause we have seen tremendous growth in ministry to men and their families. 

Continue to support this ministry to men and their families. Continue sharing ideas and working together, and we will not only get through this, but we will grow this ministry as men of God.

This ministry is not about where (or if) men and their families go to church, this ministry is about where they will spend eternity.

Remember, “We can do all things through Christ!” (Philippians 4:13).

Grace and peace.

Herman Lightsey, president

National Association of Conference Presidents of UM Men


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