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Are you making disciples?

By Steve Nailor

Having just left my term as president of Northern Illinois Conference UM Men, I now feel blessed, privileged, and honored to serve as the new president of the National Association of Conference Presidents.

My predecessors have lead with great enthusiasm and commitment to our UM Men’s work. I hope I can bring some perspectives that will continue to excite, challenge, inspire, and bring meaning to our calling to make disciples across our great church.

I joined Gil Hanke at a meeting of leaders of the National Denominational Men’s Ministry. Bishop Elizabeth Eaton of the Lutheran Evangelical Church of America served as host.

We were all there for the same purpose––to share what they are doing about making disciples for Jesus Christ through our various men’s ministries. We prayed for one another, cared for one another, shared meals together and discussed how to make stronger men throughout the church.

It is important for us to understand that we are not the only church struggling to strengthen our men’s programs and ministry. We are by far the largest and have the most programs. Having said that, I would ask, “Do we have too many programs, and do we have the right programs?”

I asked our conference leaders not take a shotgun approach. I asked them to do a great job on a program or ministry they were passionate about

There is something for everyone to be involved with that could make a significant difference in folks’ lives.

I was in a meeting just today with a young pastor and we were discussing how to develop leaders for today and tomorrow. We communicate in many ways. However, we are not all computer users or experts. So how do we communicate with the masses?

Jesus calls us to go to all nations (Matthew 29:16-20). He did not say, “Go here, but not over there.”

Disciples are made through relationships and if we do not have relationship how can we expect to make disciples. Working on our relationships both with Christ and others will build foundations for ministry.

Yes, Christ lives; He lives in you and me.

Praise be to God!

Steve Nailor, president

National Association of Conference Presidents



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