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Become a mentor


By Steve Nailor


Disciples develop as a result of relationships with others and the constant contact with God. Men do not become disciples by accident.


Many of us have mentors who give their listening and loving ear to us. At our National Men’s Gathering in Indianapolis, t-shirts were distributed that said, “Discipleship is a contact sport.” There is an abundance of evidence that this statement is true.


The mission of the United Methodist Men is to “help men grow in Christ so others may know Christ.”


In his letter in the winter edition of UM Men magazine, Gil Hanke said there are many more mentors out there.

Ask yourself, “Whom am I mentoring?” Mentoring begins with a personal contact and then continuing to build on that first contact.


The commission provides a wide variety of resources to support you as you serve God as a mentor.

Review the resources here.


Become involved in a Class Meeting group. These groups are based on the book by Kevin Watson. If you would like a copy of the book, contact me or the Rev. Dr. Rick Vance.


I am in the fourth year of participating in a Class Meeting group. The weekly on-line meetings have provided me with strong support group of men. This happened because someone invited me to give it a try. You can invite others to share their stories, needs, and desires in similar gatherings.


Churches with fewer members might consider teaming up with other churches for men’s ministry. Others may be in a place where they can help other churches expand their ministries to men.


I encourage each  chartered church to invite two other churches to become charted and then support them.

I have a saying on my personal stationary, “Service is the rent we pay while here on earth.”


What kind of service are you providing to your church, community, or neighborhood?


If I can be helpful to your Men’s Unit, please email me.


I invite all conference presidents, prayer advocates and other leaders to attend the March 7-10 annual meeting of the NACP in Nashville. It’s imperative if you want to attend to fill out this registration as quickly as possible. There are a limited number of hotel rooms available.


Register here.


Steve Nailor, president

National Association of Conference Presidents of UM Men



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