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Change your thinking about your thinking


By Bishop Gary Mueller


All too often we Christians manifest a thinking problem that causes us to get stuck, feel hopeless, and make poor decisions. But, when we change our thinking about our thinking, God does amazing things.


When we think that the only way we can solve problems in our beloved UMC is to adopt some plan at General Conference, we descend into chaos and despair.


But, when we think differently about our church, we begin to ask a question that can change the trajectory of our future. Let’s ask, “What can General Conference do to ensure there are many faithful and vital congregations making disciples of Jesus Christ?”


When we think the UMC is going to continue to decline, we give up and just go through the motions. But, when we think differently and believe that prayer changes things, then we begin fervently praying for a great awakening that always brings Jesus into the lives of people both in the church and the mission field.


When we think men’s ministry is always going to struggle to reach younger men, we’re always going to fail to reach young men. But, when we think differently and realize that it’s not our mission, but a mission given to us by God, then we are propelled into the lives of young men who want to engage in a deeper discipleship alongside other men.


When we change the way we think, we change the questions we ask. When we change our questions, we change our conversations. And when we change our conversations, we experience God doing amazing things in our lives and the lives of those around us.


Bishop Gary Mueller, vice-president

General Commission on UM Men




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