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Church hosts first responders

GREENFIELD, Ind. -- Brandywine Community Church invited all active and retired first responders to attend “Honor Sunday,” a special service where these community servants were honored and presented copies of Strength for Service to God and Community.

The Rev. Matt Wickham, pastor of Brandywine Community Church said there was a three-fold purpose for the event: “1) The scriptural imperative to honor and pray for those who serve the public good, 2} to encourage and equip our local first responders to see their job as a call from God to serve others, and 3) to use it as an outreach service where our church members were inviting people who might not normally find themselves in church.”

“Everyone felt God’s presence powerfully in the service and thought. ‘Why haven’t we done this sooner?’” said Wickham. “Many of the first responders commented, ‘We have never had someone do this for us before; thank you!’”

The sermon title was “Strength for Service” –– How to tap into God’s strength to serve with the attitude of Christ (Phil 2:3-11).

“It was a big success,” said Wickham. “Thank-you for helping us get the devotionals in a timely man                               


Brandywine Community Church hosts an “Honor Sunday” to express appreciation to active and retired first responders in the Greenfield area..

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