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Commission opens store

NASHVILLE––Nobody shoveled any dirt, and no one cut any ribbons, but a new UM Men store opened at the General Commission on UM Men website.

The nice thing about this store is you don’t have to take off your slippers to drive there.

Turn on your computer, click here, and you’re in the front door.

Once you cross the electronic threshold, you can visit one of six rooms: Books, Apparel; Gift Items; Literature/Brochures; Scouting Collectibles; or Videos.

Enter the Gift Item room and you’ll find souvenirs you’ll want to add to Christmas stockings. You don’t need to tell others, but you’ll want to slip some of these presents into your own pocket.

Don’t stay in the gift room, push your virtual shopping cart through every room.

Surely you need a new hat and shirt from the apparel room; there’s great reading in the book room.

Wow, look at all those collectibles for your scouting friends.

And prices? You’ll find free items and even a quarter will buy a keepsake.

You won’t need to revise your weekly budget after a visit to this store.

Be sure to keep checking the store site as new items will continue to be added.

If there is something you need that is not in the store, please contact Gil Hanke.

Enjoy your visit.

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