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Discover your life mission


By Jim Boesch

We cannot effectively determine what role God wants us to play in serving and building His kingdom unless we know who He birthed us to be.

I offer a four-step process for your “Who-Am-I-and what-is-my-mission?” discernment.


My Personal Mission Statement

1. List some personal characteristics you feel good about.  (These will be nouns.)

Some example terms are listed below, but you can choose others:

  • computer
  • expertise
  • physical strength
  • sense of humor
  • mechanical genius
  • people skills
  • energy
  • enthusiasm
  • wit
  • sales
  • ability
  • happiness
  • charm
  • good looks
  • artistic abilities
  • creativity
  • patience


I have:… __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. List ways you interact with people.  (These will be verbs.)


Some example terms are listed below, but you can choose others:

  • teach
  • produce
  • educate
  • encourage
  • stimulate
  • study
  • lead
  • love
  • help
  • inspire
  • manage
  • motivate

I love to:… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


3. Visualize what your perfect world looks like!  What are the people doing and saying?   (Write a description of this perfect world.)


“My perfect world is a place where people know their destinations and are enjoying their life journeys”

My perfect world: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


4. Lastly, combine two of your nouns, two of your verbs, and your definition of your perfect world to complete your statement.


“My life purpose is to use my energy and my people skills to teach and motivate people to know their destinations and enjoy their life journeys.”

My Personal Mission Statement: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I hope you take the time to complete this discovery activity to keep you focused on sustaining your faith journey to become a disciple of Jesus and not just a follower.

Feel free to share this discipling activity with others.


Jim Boesch, deployed staff member

General Commission on UM Men




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