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Follow me

By Mark Dehority

“Follow me as I follow Christ.”

1 Corinthians 11:1

This is the rallying cry of the men God is raising up in United Methodist Church as men’s ministry specialists.

These are men are building His kingdom in homes, churches and organizations.

These are men who dedicate their lives to following Jesus Christ and leading others in that same pursuit.

This article is a brief look at the men’s ministry specialist process and where it's going. The article takes information on the men’s ministry specialist process from the GCUMM website.

“The mission of every men’s ministry specialist (MMS) is to serve UM lay and clergy leaders and their congregations in developing effective processes to make disciples of men for Jesus Christ.”

There are 38 men certified men's ministry specialist and 27 candidates. With God’s help, the ministry of these 65 men is making a large impact. These are active disciples with a heart for Christ. The work is being strengthened and supported by the bands of brothers these men form.

Men's ministry specialists work in local churches, district organizations, conference organizations and represent men's ministry in the global UMC. This mission is carried into many ecumenical groups.

So, do I fit in? Is this for me?

The core values of a MMS are:

1.A growing disciple of Jesus Christ.

2.A person mentored by and accountable to a Christian spiritual mentor.

3.A servant leader, called to serve in men's ministry.

4.An individual of Godly character, faithful, trustworthy and credible.

5.A disciple of Jesus Christ who is committed to the UMC.

6.A life-long learner who is continually growing with God.

Everyone is called and everyone has a role in the kingdom, but all are not called to the MMS. God’s calls are diverse and far reaching.

However, the Lord is raising up an army of men dedicated to building the kingdom by bringing other men to Christ. This is a call for men to lead others to Christ by leading families, churches, businesses and every kind of organization.

These men are also being raised up in other denominations and ecumenical ministries across the country. The call for godly men as fathers, husbands and leaders is strong.

This is how it works.

•A man realizes a call and desire.

•He contacts the GCUMM or one of his brothers in this ministry.

•He discusses his call with a men’s ministry specialist.

•He makes application.

•He is assigned a coach and a team leader to guide him through the process.

•The candidate is assigned a team that made up of other candidates and certified men's ministry specialist.

•The group meets on a regular basis to talk about their walks with Christ and their ministries. This band of brothers becomes a very important part of his ministry.

•The candidate starts with a relationship with the spiritual mentor to help guide his growth.

•He will complete a course of study and an interview.

•He will be certified and start a lifelong pursuit of his call. This is the beginning of a meaningful walk with Christ. It is supported by a strong band of brothers and connections with others that provide the support and equipping necessary for this life.

As Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 9:37 “The harvest is plentiful and workers are few.”

There is plenty to do.

If this is your call, please contact Joseph Strausbaugh, charter system administrator and men's ministry specialist coordinator (jstrausbaugh@gcumm.org) (615/620-7269).

Mark Dehority, deployed staff and men’s ministry specialist

General Commission on UM Men


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