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Funding the UM Men Foundation makes a difference


By Steve Nailor


Our world is living through a disruptive and impactful time.


The UM Men Foundation (UMMF) has found we can still work toward making a difference for others.

As I sit down to write this newsletter, I give God thanks for your support of our UMMF. The ministries supported by the UMMF reach deeply into the world and change lives.


In its report, the Society of St. Andrews (SoSA) indicates that as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down, 32 million Americans are struggling to put food on the table. Just last week, 30 million people missed meals because they did not have access to quality food for themselves and their families.


One hundred percent of the monies given to the foundation go toward funding ministries that support ministries of:

  • Feeding and food insecurities
  • Prayer
  • Center for Men’s Ministry
  • Center for Scouting

These are some of the program ministries and ways the UMMF provides support. You can make a major difference in your foundation through Legacy and direct gifts. It is extremely important that we continue to grow the foundation so we can do more ministries.


SoSA efforts to feed hungry families are supplemented by thousands of Scout troops engaged in “Scouting for Food,” a national effort by Boy Scouts of America to provide canned goods to food distribution centers.

Meanwhile thousands of units of UM Men provide financial support to food pantries, volunteer with SoSA and other agencies, and deliver free meals to hungry families.


Your gift to the UM Men Foundation supports scouting and men’s ministries and their efforts to reduce food insecurity across the nation.


Visit our website for details.


Steve Nailor, president

UM Men Foundation




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