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Go spiritual


By Bishop Gary Mueller


I try to avoid getting political and that’s not easy for someone who has a degree in political science.


But as tempting as it is to pontificate politically, I’ve discovered that people don’t need another political talking head. They need a spiritual voice, so that’s what I do my best to offer.


Sometimes, however, employing a spiritual voice means addressing moral issues that lead to discomfort for both the speaker and the hearer.

The plight of the Haitians at the U.S. border near Del Rio, Texas is an example of the type of moral issue you and I have to face exactly because we claim Jesus as Savior and Lord.


While I don’t have answers about what we should do, I know what we shouldn’t do:

  • Respond with overused religious cliches.
  • Claim there are simple answers any intelligent person can figure out.
  • Believe that either Democrats or Republicans are agents of Jesus’ public policy.

So how should you and I respond to any moral crisis that confronts us?


Go spiritual!


Read the Gospels. Let them shape you. Pray deeply. And then start asking yourself questions:

  • How would Jesus react watching the video footage showing outrageous treatment of the Haitians by a small group of U.S. Border Patrol agents?
  • What would Jesus tell his disciples to do when untold numbers of people are huddling under a bridge for shelter?
  • How many tears would Jesus shed watching as thousands are shipped back home to a nation devastated by earthquakes and hurricanes?

Yes, it’s time for us to go spiritual. But beware. Going spiritual is not just about finding the right answers. It also means you are willing to hear what God wants you to do.


Bishop Gary Mueller, vice-president

General Commission on UM Men



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