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A treasure of men’s resources now available

If you are a new president of UM Men:
If you want to begin a men’s ministry in your church:
If you want to expand your ministry to men in your community:
If you want new ways to reach young people:

Then you may want to order a helpful book from the General Commission on UM Men.

Current titles include:

2 Minute Drill by Greg Arnold
A Chance for Their Bible Stories to be Told by Gil Hanke
A Moment with God for Men by Kel Groseclose
A Month of Meditations for Men
Expand your Ministry to Men
Extending Our Reach
Faith Sharing New Testament
In the Plain View of the Cross
by Kwasi Kena
Loving God by Charles Colson
Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley
Men at Mid-Life by James Harnish
Strength for the Journey by Bishop Robert Hayes
Through the Back Door of the Church by Thomas Mallonee
Wrestling with God

For pricing or to order these books, please click here to access the materials order form, which can be submitted online or mailed to GCUMM, 1000 17th Ave S, Nashville TN 37212.  Due to the holiday seasons, please allow 30 days for delivery.

For questions or shipping information, please email Joe Strausbaugh (JStrausbaugh@gcumm.org).


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