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Kicking the tires

By Steven Scheid

The tire pressure light came on in the car. It was a particularly cold morning. I remember my dad telling me how significant tires are. They are the place where the contact happens. If your tires are not taken care of, they cannot take care of you. The faster you go, the more critical their condition. When the weather is poor, tire conditions are essential.

Many people do not realize under inflation is one of the leading causes of tire failure. With under-inflation, too much of the tire contacts the road increasing friction and building heat in the tire. Heat leads to wear of tread, separation, and blowouts.

When a Christian is not filled with God, they carry too much of the load. (Psalm 55:22) Their relationships, the place where we make contact, take on too much friction. The problem leads to a buildup of tension, excessive wear, and blow ups. We need to keep our lives filled and watch for the slow leaks as well as the road hazards. Do not wait for warning signs. (Luke 16:10)

If your tires are out of balance or alignment, they wear unevenly. They aren’t making the correct contact with the road. Steering can be impacted negatively. We also need it for emergencies. Proper contact is essential to stay on the path.

While we see our spiritual lives as different from driving, it is not. We need balance and alignment. Balance in our learning, doing, and being. We need alignment with the narrow road that leads to life. (Matthew 7:13-14).

We used to kick the tires to check them. Now we have monitors and all kinds of ways to measure our tire pressure, alignment and balance. What checks have you developed for your spiritual tires? Are you still just kicking them or really staying safe along the road?


Steven Scheid, director of the Center for Scouting Ministry

General Commission on UM Men



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