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Looking ahead


By Gil Hanke


Some have asked me, “What will you miss when you retire?” That list is too long to write. The better question is “What will you do, when you turn in the keys to this wonderful position?” I have promised my wife Sher, that we will not make any big decisions on what is next for at least a few weeks. There are some travel plans


that have been long standing. There is a granddaughter who needs more spoiling. There is a national park system that needs some more exploring.

I don’t think I want to be in charge of anything or be in a place where I need to make important decisions. Sher and I take turns selecting a local restaurant to support once a week, and even that is a decision I attempt to avoid.


I know we will remain active in Antioch UMC, and in some of the online Class Meeting groups that have guided me over the last 16 years. I think I will pray more in a non-stressed manner and read more. I also may write letters again and reconnect with some friends from college and with others from my former life as a speech language pathologist. If my skills are needed as a speech pathologist to an underserved population, that would be fun. I do have plans to return to Haiti, once the violence is more controlled.


But, since you asked, I will try to answer the first question. I will miss this talented, amazing, supportive, caring staff, our wonderful board, and each of you!


You are loved.


Gil Hanke, general secretary

General Commission on UM Men


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