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So––how is that working for you?

By Mark Lubbock

“Either consider the tree good and its fruit good, or consider the tree rotten and its fruit rotten. A tree is known by its fruit.”

––Matthew 12:33

New Year, fresh start? Maybe, maybe not. Frequently I hear folks say, “If you do what you’ve always done then you will get what you’ve always gotten.” Yet these same folks don’t seem open to change themselves. How about you? Are you content with your spiritual life and progress as a disciple of Jesus?

Consider your personal spiritual life, and your personal ministry work (You ARE engaged in active ministry, aren’t you?) What is the outcome? Are lives changed? Do you behave more like Jesus today than this same time last year? Would people look at your ministry work, at your life’s example, and say, “I can see Jesus at work here!”?

We all are a work in progress, most of all myself. I see some pretty raw places in my life and can easily identify areas that don’t look much like Jesus. There are positive changes though, particularly when I look back over the past 12 months. I do see progress, in spite of the work yet to be done. There are some good spiritual disciplines in my life, and my personal prayer life and Bible study are working to bring about desired changes.

Yet, if we are not showing evidence of spiritual growth and transformation it is very likely we are continuing to do the same thing we’ve always done, but we somehow expect different results. Why not take a moment to perform an honest assessment of your own spiritual life right now, then do the same for your ministry.

A free online spiritual assessment is available here.

Remember, you are not alone, and your challenges are similar to those we all face. The Center for Ministry to Men is here to support you and your ministry. Contact me if you would like help, resources, training or a speaker!

Mark Lubbock, a certified men’s ministry specialist and deployed staff member

General Commission on UM Men



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