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Strausbaugh to leave commission staff

NASHVILLE, Tenn.––Joe Strausbaugh, charter system administrator, will leave the staff of the General Commission on United Methodist Men on May 3. He plans to take some time off before continuing his career in development within the nonprofit sector.

Joe is well known to people who call the commission office seeking information about resources for UM Men organizations, Life-Achievement Awards, the President’s Packet, EMS membership, men’s ministry specialists, and charters. He is the friendly go-to person for editing, database information and website management.

“Joe has taken all the changes to his position in stride, and excelled,” said. Gil Hanke, top staff executive of the commission. “He is the voice that answers all the questions on how to get or find the many resources we create for our constituents. He has been a valued resource for me and for all the staff. He will be missed by all.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with a servant leader staff that is so loving and so dedicated to the mission of helping men become better people,” said Joe. “I will really miss coming into the office every day and seeing these wonderful people who care so deeply for what they do and the people around them, both those they serve and those they work with.  The staff at the commission do so much with so little to serve so many. They are among what’s best about The United Methodist Church.”

Joe has a rich background with the UMC. He served two years with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry in Nashville (2010-2012), and three years as a student assistant with the General Commission on Archives and History (2007-2010) while attending Drew University Theological School in Madison, N.J. He also served an internship with the General Board of Church and Society in New York City (2008-2009).

During his first year with the Nashville-based commission, he also served as pastor of Westmoreland UMC.

Joe is a graduate of Gettysburg College (B.A.) and Drew University Theological School (M.Div.). He is currently nearing completion of a master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Colorado Denver.

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