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The Living Prayer Center

Send prayer requests

You can access spiritual support from the people of Upper Room Ministries, seven days-a-week. Through toll-free phone calls (800.251.2468) or www.Prayer-Center.UpperRoom.org you can privately and conveniently submit a prayer request to the Upper Room Living Prayer Center and covenant prayer groups around the globe.

How our web site works

Click the “prayer center” tab on www.Prayer-Center.Upperroom.org and complete a simple online form to submit your prayer request. Your prayer concern will be forwarded to our over 300 Upper Room Covenant Prayer groups who will pray for your request. Thousands of prayer requests are received each month. To protect the privacy of those requesting prayer, each request is edited to remove any information that would identify the person location or situation needing prayer.

Our Online Prayer Wall…

We launched a new feature on our webpage, an online Prayer Wall, where people hungry for prayer can share their needs, praises, and concerns with others online.

People are hurting and they need prayer, the idea behind this project is to create an online prayer community, to enable more people to pray for each other. This is simply a new tool to do something the prayer center has always done; we are providing a place in our new, digital world for people to pray with each other. Join this global community of prayer. Pray for—and respond to—the requests you see. We invite you to request prayer for yourself or a loved one . . . or even someone you do not know.

Methods of Prayer

Learn more about how to incorporate different methods of prayer into your spiritual life at the web site.

Daily Devotional

Visit upperroom.org every day to read a daily devotion. More than 2.5 million people of faith around the world currently subscribe to the daily devotionals.

Prayer Request by Phone

Persons in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean may call 800-251-2468, 7 days a week. The toll-free phone line is supported by the Foundation of United Methodist Men.

Support Our Prayer Line

You may support the prayer line by participating in a covenant prayer group, or you may want to operate a remote prayer line to answer calls from the toll-free phone line.

For Information:

The Upper Room Living Prayer Center

P.O. Box 340004

Nashville, TN 37203-0004

Toll-Free: 1.877.899.2780 ext. 7215

Fax: 1.615.340.7523

E-mail: prayer@upperroom.org



If you wish to make a financial contribution to help pay for the toll-free phone line, send a check to the United Methodist Men Foundation, 1000 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37212-2202.





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