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The seventh anniversary of scouting ministry specialists

By Larry Coppock

Just seven short years ago the Office of Scouting Ministries Committee launched a volunteer leadership position to help local churches establish and expand scouting ministry opportunities. The scouting ministry specialist (SMS), was created to help offset the untenable 1 to 70 ratio of district scouting coordinators to local churches.

Today, 300 SMS equip hundreds of churches with a variety of scouting ministry initiatives and capacities. Most importantly, scouting creates portals or entry points for making new disciples.

Requirements of a SMS

1.Be 18 years of age or older.

2.Provide proof of youth protection training and/or take an online sexual ethics and safe sanctuaries course.

3.Show a record of scouting/youth ministry experience.

4.Read Scouting Guidelines (2016)

5.Submit $45 for a 5-year membership or $250 for a lifetime membership.

Responsibilities of a SMS

1.Provide information about national scouting ministry awards and recognition.

2.Introduce churches to the PRAY awards.

3.Encourage church leaders to attend regional and national training opportunities, such as a June19-24 session at the Summit in West Virginia.

4.Assist with bishop’s dinners and other district and conference events.

5.Cultivate relationships with conference and district leaders.


For more information contact Marc Stowe, scouting ministry assistant, mstowe@gcumm.org, or visit www.gcumm.org and go to the scouting ministry link.


Larry W. Coppock

National director of scouting ministries and acting executive director of Strength for Service Incorporated.


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