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We disciple fathers so they may disciple sons

By Jim Boesch

She’s a grandmother who served the church for most of her 77 years, the last 53 as the life partner of a loving husband.

She fell ill after giving birth to their only daughter 38 years ago. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis causing the loss of mobility and independence.

Her faithful husband has diligently been her primary caregiver, a responsibility which has increased during their twilight years.

Their daughter married and was blessed with 18- and 16-year old sons who now live near their ailing and aging grandparents.

The two grandsons have never been able to hug their grandmother as that would be dangerous to her compromised earthly body.

As I see it, the reason God calls us to disciple men lies in the relationship between the two grandsons, their dad, and his father. Currently the son’s father is an occasionally active member of our church while the two boys are active in the church’s youth ministry.

I see a discipling opportunity here. We need to help the father model his faith to his wife and sons so they will develop personal relationships with Jesus Christ so when they leave this earth they will be Heaven-bound.

This writing comes from a haunting image that entered my mind as some men and I were praying for these awesome grandparents and their families.

My cannot-shake image is of these two grandsons in Heaven finally being able to give their now-healed grandmother numerous hugs they were denied on earth.

We need to help fathers and sons become the people God is calling them to be on earth.

Jim Boesch, a Florida-based staff member

General Commission on UM Men


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