Words on the Wall


By Gil Hanke


I have a piece of paper taped to the edge of a shelf in my office containing several short sentences from various sources.


The same sentences are saved in my computer as “Words on the Wall.”


None of the phrases has ever been removed; each one comforts, challenges, or inspires me.


I added a new sentence today. It is taken from an entry in the May 12, 2021 Upper Room Disciplines written by Denise W. Mack: “Do we live in a way that shows Christ in us?”


I was in a small group for a while with a very talented, spirit-filled guy who was very active in another denomination. When we talked about how we relate to other people, he explained, “I want to see the Christ in them, and I want them to see the Christ in me.”


I am sure there are many times people see or hear me react to something, and to their ears and eyes, nothing is Christlike. And I know wonderful friends who have a secure faith in Christ who, at times, may not seem very Christlike.


But, what a goal to see Christ in every situation––in joyful celebration––before an important meeting––in a painful circumstance––listening to friend in need of hope––or connecting with a friend from years ago.


I can picture in my mind situations where I should have told the person joining me in laughter or coming to my aid, “I see Christ in you.”


Whether in joy or pain, each was a friend who showed me Christ––words were optional.

What can we do today to reveal the Christ in us to all we meet?


Gil Hanke, chief executive officer

General Commission on UM Men



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