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You can’t sell what you won’t buy


By Steve Nailor


I just returned from the 2018 UMM planning session.


The commission staff, jurisdictional presidents, the president of the UMM Foundation, and the president of the National Association of Conference Presidents gather annually to establish plans for the coming months.


Some of the discussion centered on accountability and our EMS/Legacy and Charter programs. We agreed each man in a leadership position should be a legacy builder and belong to a chartered church. Gentlemen, we cannot encourage men to commit to something we are not willing to commit to ourselves. Our goal is to renew all lapsed EMS/legacy builders and charters in 2018.


If you have not done so, please consider renewing yours and if you’re not chartered please do that as well. These are vital in sustaining our ability as UMM to develop and implement ministry programs.


Currently, the commission raises 75 percent of its annual budget. The remaining percentage comes from World Service apportionments. We believe the amount received from the general church may decline, so we will have to increase the amount of money we raise.


In 1996, the year General Conference created the commission, our goal was to become self-sufficient. That is still our objective; however, we cannot attain that target without your help.


Remember the mission of UMM is, “Helping men grow in Christ so others may know Christ.”


Finally, at the planning session I was given the book, How to Disciple Men. Forty-five contributors provide information on “How to Start Men’s Organizations,” “Growing Your Organization,” “Men and Small Groups,” “Successful Men’s Events,” “One-on-One Disciple Making,” and “Keeping Yourself Strong.”


 I highly recommend this book; it will help you see what you can do to start and/or grow your organization.

Steve Nailor, president


National Association of Conference Presidents of UM Men



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