The year 2020 by the numbes 

9              People inducted into the John Wesley Society.2

8            People participated in the first on-line meeting of the General Commission on UM Men.

9              People inducted into the John Wesley Society.

38             Men currently certified as men’s ministry specialists.

46             Scout leaders trained at an on-line session.

100           Years of partnership with Boy Scouts of America.

130             People participated in a Zoom prayer meeting led by 10 leaders of four Methodist denominations.

168            People currently certified as scouting ministry specialists.

310            Handicap ramps built by SAWS in three states.

800           UM Men engaged in an 8-week AMEND study of domestic violence.

1,746        Tons of literature delivered to 28 different countries by Love Packages.

2,427         P.R.A.Y. (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth) Awards given by 583 UM churches.

2,992         Number of chartered churches.

3,111         Churches with chartered Scout units.

3,992         Number of EMS members.

4,607         Dollars contributed to the Upper Room Prayer Line.

9,344          Scouting units in UM churches.

17,852          Copies of Strength for Service books given to first responders and members of the military.

29,000       Dollars contributed to the Heritage Society of the UM Men Foundation

41,000       Dollars contributed by the UM Men Foundation to support the Office of Men’s Ministry

51,584       Dollars provided by UM Men to Society of St. Andrew Meals for Millions.

89,372       Prayer requests posted on the Upper Room Prayer Wall

114,500      Dollars contribute by the UM Men Foundation to support the Office of Scouting Ministries.

 446,896      Participants in UM Men organizations according to 2018 reports to the General Council on Finance and Administration.

486,584      Pounds of produce gleaned with Society of St. Andrew.

486,003      Youth served by scouting units in UM churches.

1,719,466   Servings of food provided by UM Men through Meals for Millions.

14,370,887  Dollars spent on UMM projects according to local church 2018 reports.