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What is the Endowment Campaign?

The United Methodist Men Foundation was established in 1981 to offer scouting as a ministry to every United Methodist church. The United Methodist Men Foundation has expanded its funding to include other ministries to and with United Methodist Men. The ministries are now delivered through the

General Commission on United Methodist Men (GCUMM), a program agency established by the United Methodist Church in 1996.

Why should I support the Endowment Campaign?

The foundation has already expanded scouting ministries from 260,000 young people involved in scouting in United Methodist congregations in 1982 to over 600,000 today. Your endowment gift will provide resources to increase that growth in local congregations.

The campaign supports GCUMM commitments to provide resources and training for the spiritual growth of men. Your gift will enable men to seek God and to have their lives transformed as the result of that search.

The campaign supports ministries designed to reach men who have not previously been involved in a Christian community. 

The campaign supports ministries designed to break down walls of barriers that separate men of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures. Your gift will provide scholarships to various men’s events and provide resources for men in Third World nations and central conferences.

The campaign provides resources and tools to enrich the spiritual lives of men. Your endowment gift funds new resources for men in the local church and enhances present publications and increased distribution.

The campaign calls and equips men to lead young people into authentic Christian living.

At present the 10-member staff and 20-member board of the General Commission on United Methodist Men are reaching only a fraction of the three million men in the United Methodist Church, but there are enormous opportunities to touch the lives of men and young people both within and beyond the denomination. Your gift to the fund will open new communications channels and expand educational opportunities for seminary students, clergy, and laity.

A financial consultant is available to help donors find creative and legal ways to fund these ministries and guarantee a lifetime income to meet personal financial plans.

Establishing a permanent gift that will support your favorite ministries forever

The United Methodist Men Foundation will assist you in making a lasting contribution to the church and its ministries. We do this by offering free information and services, including:

  • Providing ideas for creative estate planning
  • Assisting in the preparation of your will
  • Receiving and administering your gifts to the church

Creative estate planning opportunities may benefit you as much as your favorite United Methodist Men ministry or cause. You can set up a trust, providing a charitable income tax deduction and a guaranteed life income. If you establish a life estate, you can live in your home now and then donate it at the end of your life. You may desire to include a United Methodist Men ministry in your will.

For more information about creative will and estate planning, contact the United Methodist Men Foundation today at 615-620-7262.