Changes in Scouting Ministry for the UMC

Scouting is a ministry of The United Methodist Church. It puts caring adults and the church in contact with youth in a structured, safe, and vetted program. Our relationship with Scouting predates the forming of The United Methodist. Much has changed since the Feb.12,1920 letter that first established the formal relationship with BSA. Change has arrived again.

Our ministry will be structured differently going forward. The United Methodist / BSA Relationship Committee has set a couple of options:

1) The Annual Affiliation Agreement - The local council owns the unit.

2) A Facilities Use Agreement  - The unit has another charter (civic, religious, or council).

Both documents will be provided as soon as they are available to the GCUMM. Please click here for Resources

Short video segments are provided to help explain the changes. 


Overview of the Center for Scouting Ministries

The mission of the church is to reach out to those within the community, receive them as they are, relate them to God, nurture and equip them, and send them back into the community in order to make the community a more loving and just place in which to live. With that in mind, the United Methodist Men’s Foundation established an Office of Civic Youth-Serving Agencies/Scouting Ministries. The purpose of this office is to promote the use of programs across the Church and to help local congregations understand how they might use civic youth-serving agencies as an outreach ministry within their community.

The Church has chosen to use three youth agency programs:

Nurturing children, teens, and families through outreach and evangelism and incorporating them into the life of the church may have tremendous, eternal results for the youth, their family and the Church.

  1. Boy Scouts of America
  2. Girl Scouts of the USA
  3. Big Brothers Big Sisters (Amachi Partnership)

These agencies offer a unique opportunity to minister to young people. The three were chosen because of their opportunity to share Christian teachings, long-standing connection with local congregations and their recognition of the P.R.A.Y. program.

We, the Church, are endowed with certain responsibilities that allow scouting and civic youth serving programs to become a ministry. This is what differentiates us from a civic or community-based club. Our approach in executing the programs always keeps Christ and youth growth in mind.

Note: While the term “scouting ministries” is used extensively to refer to all civic youth-serving agency programs, it is important to note that each of these agency programs offers distinct and unique program and organizational features.

Reasons to Serve

1. Opens the heart to the community to come into contact with the church and the gospel through lived time together. 

2. Provides a place where adults can exercise living as a disciple maker. They care for their relationship with God and live into it while serving others. It is an open invitiation. 

3. Many doors are needed for people to enter into the body of Christ. Not all enter through the front door. The more doors we have open to serve youth and adults within our communities the better.