This is the first of many webinars GCUMM will sponsor related to leadership development.  If you lead men, plan to attend this first training opportunity.


Date: September 25, 2018 at 6:30PM (Central Time)



Leading an effective Meeting



Effective meetings will encourage participants to be fully engaged in the meeting and act on what is learned/discussed.
But effective meetings don't just happen! Come learn how to properly prepare and provide needed information to participants so they can act.

This webinar will cover the following:
1. Types of Meetings
2. Outcomes for meetings
3. Effective Meeting Management & Leadership

At the conclusion the participants will
1. Understand meeting purposes; why do we need them and what are common expected outcomes?
2. Be able to describe resource impacts of meetings.
- What are the key phases of a successful meeting?
- What are some common causes of failure?


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