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A self-test to determine the effectiveness of your small group

By Jim Boesch

Have everyone in your small group take this assessment in order to determine if spiritual growth is occurring.

In each of the two categories, indicate whether the statement is “true,” “somewhat true,” “somewhat false,” or “false.” Write that response in the blank.

I. Know each other

It is impossible to determine whether spiritual growth is happening if you don’t know each other well.

____________. I talk with and/or meet with one or more of my small-group members outside our planned group meetings.

____________.I have shared my life struggles and victories with at least one member of my small group.

____________. We know each other’s life- and faith-journey stories.

____________. I feel the free to be honest and authentic with my small group.

____________. Our group members are comfortable enough to ask questions without fear of being judged by other group members.

II. Know our progress

The foundational purpose of men engaging in small group-environments is to enable them to grow spiritually into the men God is calling them to be as men, fathers, sons, brothers, and friends in Christ. Are you seeing progress?

____________. Our small group discussions are deeper now than they were three months ago.

____________. Our small group has been meeting together consistently for the past six months.

____________. I can give at least three examples of how our group life has changed and developed because of the spiritual growth of our members.

____________. I can give specific examples to illustrate the way members of our group have grown in biblical and life-purpose knowledge.


Tabulate the responses from each member of your small group, then discuss:

1. In what two areas is our group the weakest? Why? How does that knowledge impact our potential for growth?

2. In what two areas is our group the strongest? How have these become strengths? How have these strengths shaped the group?

3. What adjustments can we make to our group’s life, in order to maintain our strengths and address our weaknesses?


Jim Boesch, deployed staff member

The General Commission on UM Men




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