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Foundation is cornerstone for UM Men ministries

By Steve Nailor

The cornerstone is the most important stone of any building.

This stone normally established the 90 degree angle between the front of the building and the side.

If the stone cutter has cut the cornerstone at the northwest corner of a 100-foot building by 89 degree angle instead of the 90 degree angle that one-degree error will make the east side of the building nearly two feet shorter than the west side (1.74 feet).

The same is true of the UM Men Foundation, this cornerstone of ministries to men and youth aligns the ministries of the General Commission on United Methodist Men and the National Association of Conference Presidents of United Methodist Men.

If donations to the foundation fall short by even $100, ministries to men and our youth will be adversely affected in unsuspected way.

In some cases cornerstones carry a time capsule so if the building is ever destroyed, people can learn something about the early formation of the building.

In 1981, the foundation was established when it appeared the UMC was about to drop financial support for scouting ministries. Since that time, the foundation has supported the Office of Scouting Ministries, the Office of Men’s Ministries, the Upper Room Prayer Line, and evangelism opportunities.

If the cornerstone is chipped away or damaged, the entire structure is endangered.

In recent months and years, inflation, coronavirus, escalating needs, and compassion fatigue have eroded the cornerstone.

The stone is reinforced by people who honor people by inducting them into the John Wesley Society or presenting them with Life Achievement Awards.

However, those who serve as Legacy Builders (those who contribute more than $10 per month) serve the most important role in the preservation of this cornerstone.

To protect that cornerstone, click here.

Steve Nailor, president

UM Men Foundation


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