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Foundation serves as cornerstone for men’s ministries

By Steve Nailor

A cornerstone sets the parameters for a building.

The UMC served as the cornerstone for funding scouting ministry until 1981.

In that year, the denomination felt it could no longer provide financial support for this ministry.

In the same year, UM men felt this ministry was too important to be dropped.

The National Association of Conference Presidents established the UM Men Foundation to ensure this ministry would continue.

The purpose of the UM Men Foundation is to provide endowment funds to support evangelism, mission, and spiritual-life ministries, including scouting.

Founders of the foundation hoped the fund would support men and youth in their quest to know Christ and empower them to share Christ with others.

The foundation receives funds from legacy members whose annual pledges exceed $120. Funds also come from Life Achievement Awards, The Society of John Wesley, and estate planning though the Heritage Society.

Currently, the foundation supports Dr. Rick Vance, director of men’s ministry; Steven Scheid, director of scouting ministries; and the Upper Room Prayer Wall. These ministries have achieved exponential growth in the last four years.

The General Commission on UM Men receives about 25 percent of its budget from the World Service Fund; that fund is expected to be reduced by 50 percent in 2021.

It is imperative for the foundation to step up and provide additional resources for men’s and youth ministries.

If the foundation is to continue as the cornerstone, your support is more important than ever before. As the new president of the foundation, I pray you will help expand our ministry to men and scouting.

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Steve Nailor, president

UM Men Foundation




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