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‘Go, therefore, and make disciples’


By Jim Boesch


This was Jesus’ post-training directive to the 11 disciples before he returned to His Father.

While the command is simple, it is also the biggest challenge we face as wanna-be disciples and disciple-makers.


Few of us find ourselves with a lot of extra time. We claim to be busy men and we don’t get any arguments from equally busy friends and colleagues.


One of the main reasons we struggle in effectively pursuing our discipling life purposes is we simply run out of time. Our days are filled with more to do than we can possibly tackle.


We are defeated before we begin.


Depending on our life season, we are consumed with responsibilities related to work, kids, wife, and hundreds of unexpected demands. It’s difficult to keep our heads above the proverbial water flooding our lives.

How in the world can we ever become a disciple much less make one?


To meet this challenge, I suggest we recast the word “therefore” to “as you go along.”


Since we can’t find tons of free time to work on becoming a disciple and much less a disciple-maker, let’s commit to having these spiritual-growth opportunities invade every aspect of our busy lives as we go along.

Whenever possible have “Christian conversations” where your on-growing relationship with God is at the center for all to experience.


Rather than try to change the busyness that now consumes your day, just embrace your time-management choices, and add moments that may become transforming discipling or disciple-making opportunities as you go along.


Add an “I-care-about-you” moment to daily interactions and add a spiritual insight to a stressful situation. Eat lunch with someone and be open to God’s lead to a discipling relationship as you go along.


Jim Boesch, deployed staff member

General Commission on UM Men


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