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Hanke calls United Methodists to respond to prayer requests

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—On May 1, the National Day of Prayer, Gil Hanke, top staff executive of the General Commission on UM Men, invited church groups to visit the prayer wall of the  Upper Room Prayer Line.

“At that website, a Sunday school class, Bible study group, or UM Men organization can find scores of posted prayers,” said Hanke, “Imagine what might happen if a UM group would focus on just one of the scores of prayers and discuss possible responses. One of the members could then post a helpful response and group members could offer a series of prayers for the person that posted the prayer.”

“Engaging in such an activity before every meeting could change the life of the person seeking prayer and the lives of individuals offering prayerful responses,” said Hanke.

Hanke spoke at an Upper Room worship service marking the National Day of Prayer. Attendees celebrated the 42-year ministry of the prayer line. The occasion marked the change from individuals receiving prayer requests by phone to responding to prayers posted on the prayer wall website.

Wallace Neal, the national prayer advocate for UM Men, also addressed Discipleship Ministries staff and visitors. He promised UM Men organizations would gather to respond to posted prayer requests.

The service celebrated the contributions of UM Men to the prayer ministry.

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