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How full is full?


By Gil Hanke


Ninety percent of my days begin with reading the Upper Room Disciplines and the selected Bible verses.


A recent reading included John 2:1-11, the first reported miracle of Jesus at the wedding in Cana. The excellent devotional for that reading was written by Linda McKinnish Bridges, from Richmond, Va. Some people get hung up with the wine in this story. Others discuss how Mary appears to force Jesus’ hand. Bridges points out that Jesus tells the servants to fill the huge jars with water, and they “filled them to the brim” at his request. So, if the water was his rare material, and if they filled the jars only half full, it would have limited the size of the miracle. The jars became filled to brim with the finest wine, because 100 percent of the jars was available to be changed.


If we ask God to fill our hearts, our minds, our spirits with his blessing and with his grace, do we offer our whole capacity to be transformed?


Do we open ourselves completely to be filled to the brim? Or do we say, “God please fix this need I have, but please don’t mess with any other parts of my life?” That would be like going to a mechanic and asking for an oil change, when we know that the tires are bald, and the brakes don’t work.


Luke 11:9 tells us, “Ask and you will receive… Knock and door will be opened to you.”


Today, open the door wide––all the way. Don’t limit God’s access to you. Let Him fill you to the brim.


Gil Hanke, chief executive officer

General Commission on UM Men



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