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I wish I’d known that


By Mark Lubbock


 “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding,”

––Proverbs 3:13

One of the great delights that comes from my interaction with UM Men is the amazement and appreciation they show when I tell them about the many resources they can access as chartered churches. Many, if not most, had no idea that such a rich supply of resources existed to help them with their church and men’s ministry.


The commission does an outstanding job of responding to the needs of the local church and men’s groups with the end result of being an ever-growing body of tools, instruction, training, how-to guidance and more. I’d love to list everything available to you here, but there is not enough room!


Instead, let me share some important highlights with you beginning with the commission staff. I am blessed and proud to serve with these tremendously experienced and gifted leaders. Click here to see who makes up your commission team.


As a conference president I regularly invite our deployed staff, commission leaders and men’s ministry specialists to speak at events, to facilitate retreats and to conduct leadership training events. I highly recommend that you consider doing likewise. This group of men represent the most experienced and highly trained pool of experts that you can find in men’s ministry. Why not take advantage of their knowledge and expertise by inviting them to your events and activities?

Take this just a bit further and consider scheduling quarterly training for each district and ask leaders from your church to join you in learning and growing. Training provides a great reason to gather and creates the opportunity to get to know others across the district and the annual conference.


 You’ll build unity with the men and develop connections that will strengthen your ministry.




Mark Lubbock is a certified men’s ministry specialist and a deployed staff member of the General Commission on UM Men


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