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Ignorance is no excuse

By Mark Lubbock

At age 16, I took a motorcycle trip to Denver.

In that mile-high city, I was frustrated by a long stoplight, so I cut through a gas station. Immediately, a police officer pulled me over.

“I didn’t know that was illegal,” I said.

He handed me a ticket.

“I guess you know now,” he said. “I’ll bet you never forget!”

Ignorance of the law is apparently not a valid excuse.

Will you try to plead ignorance about knowing God’s plan for your life?

We might want to claim we had no access to God’s word, but that excuse is lame when electronic Bibles are easily accessible and there is free access on the Internet.

Yet, reading and understanding are two different things. We need help on the journey to discipleship.

John Wesley understood the challenges of understanding of God’s standards and how to live them out. He came up with two methods to teach us how to live as disciples of Jesus.

The Class Meeting teaches us about the practice of daily living, and the Band Meeting helps us through the rough spots. Together these two small-group methods help us become joyful disciples.

The commission can provide training about these Wesleyan tools.

Contact me or any staff member for information.

Mark Lubbock, deployed staff member

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