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In need of prayer


By Gil Hanke


One of the many ministries we proudly support is the Upper Room Prayer Center. I recently posted prayers on the Prayer Wall. but mostly I provide written responses to prayers posted at that website.


If you watch the news you understand some of the stress and pain in our world. If you would like to help someone cope with those difficulties, you may want to respond to prayers posted on that electronic wall. It is tragic and inspirational at the same time.


You will find a lot of down-to-earth hurt and hope in the prayers posted there. These folks feel they have no one else to join them in prayer.


In the past, one of the blessings of UM Men retreats was experienced by prayer warriors who would answer the Upper Room phone line day and night. At the end of the retreat the conference prayer advocate would proudly announce the number of prayer requests that had been answered.


As you know, for many good reasons, those person-to-person phone calls have been replaced by posting prayer requests on the electronic wall.


I visited the wall this morning and was shocked by the hundreds of postings that came in. It is transformational to read those prayer requests. It is also transformational for those of us who add responses to those requests. And it is transformational for those who feel so alone to read prayers offered on their behalf.


Reading and responding to these posted prayers would be a great way to start any or all church meetings. Think of the number of prayers your small group could answer in just a few minutes.


It is also a great way to add to the devotionals you read each day.


If you are not familiar with the wall, the prayer is followed by a number which indicates the number of responses received. “One Response” means the person who offered the prayer has received only an automatic response from the Upper Room. That is a prayer request that needs your attention. He or she is waiting for a personal response from you.

I checked your schedule. You have the time, why not now?


Post a response on the wall.


Gil Hanke, chief executive officer

General Commission on UM Men




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