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Into dark places


By Steven Scheid


I come from a scouting family where the youth like to go caving. They love to challenge their bodies and minds. The cave paths cannot be walked. They must work their bodies through places with names like the “49 Cent Squeeze”, “Canyon Crawl”, “Keyhole”, “Squeeze Box”, and the “Stream Passage.”  These obstacles are complicated by the ever-present darkness. The mind is squeezed by a limited view, still air, and closed spaces. Youth meet the challenges head-on.


Life has challenges


There are times in our life journey of life that obstacles seem to block our path. We have a tiny bit of light and we can only see a short distance.


Challenges may be financial, spiritual, emotional or physical.


Sometimes there is peril as in the “Canyon Crawl.”


Sometimes life experiences both stretch and squeeze us. Our limited view hinders the confidence found above ground.

However, no matter how narrow the passage, we can feel our way through.


Let youth lead


When we look out at the future, we cannot see a repeat of the past. The youth of America stand in a different place today. They are willing to take on all challenges.


Boy Scouts of America has changed.


Girl Scouts of the USA has changed.


Both are reaching to meet the next generation.


We cannot see the future, but we know there are opportunities for growth.


Pathways may be difficult; they may twist and turn, but they may take us to a brighter tomorrow


Steven Scheid, director of the Center for Scouting Ministries

General Commission on UM Men


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