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Leave a legacy

By Steve Nailor

Our love for others is our grateful response to the love God first demonstrated to us. 1 John 4:19.


What is a Legacy?

Most folks think of legacy as something you leave behind or a benefit that occurs for others after you have lived your life.

I do not want to wait until I am gone to create maximum impact. I want to leave a legacy while I am still here to show gratitude for the love God gives.

I am involved with a family who is leaving a legacy.

They continue to make yearly contributions in their father’s name. His work and his legacy live on through them. He was the 220th member of the Society of John Wesley and he started and operated men’s ministries in the various churches.

We all have folks we could honor in this way. It does not have to be a father. It could be a mother or a friend. Honoring those we love helps us remember how they influenced us.

Last month we activated the Heritage Society Endowment in the foundation. The society supports the foundations work through:

  • planned gifts
  • wills
  • life insurance policies
  • charitable gifts annuities
  • charitable endowments.

The creation of the society has already made a difference. We received $27,044 in December and  

If you are 70½ and are required to take Required Minimum Distribution from your retirement account, you can give it directly to the UMMF and it does not count as income.

You can start a legacy or endowment for as little as a $1,000. You can name the endowment or put it in someone else’s name or ministry. We protect the corpus and only use the funds generated through its growth.

Our mission is to provide financial support for the General Commission on UM Men and its ministries. Go here for a list of ministries supported by these funds.

The needs are great, and the pandemic makes this a greater challenge.

Steve Nailor, president

UM Men Foundation



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