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Looking into the future –– Looking at today

By Gil Hanke

In response to potential changes, challenges, and conflicts that we see in our society and our denomination, I receive many questions about the future of our commission.

I want you to know that I am neither foolish nor frightened.

Our mission is clear. We will continue to bring men and youth to on-growing relationships with Jesus Christ. 

Our mission has not changed, and we are not delaying, waiting, or pausing in any of our work because of the possible impact of the upcoming meetings in 2019, 2020, or 2024.  We know changes are coming in this denomination, but our mission will not change. 

Our mission is at the core of who we are as a Wesleyan community of faith. 

When our staff or our many volunteer leaders speak to churches, they highlight a ministry that goes far beyond monthly meetings. Our ministry is more than “letting the Scouts use our building.” Our work is about transformation––it is about shedding the old broken parts of our lives in order to embrace and live out Christ’s message.

Our mission is immediate and urgent.

Don’t be foolish or scared.  Don’t wait until later to decide questions of faith. Don’t act like “the frozen chosen” paralyzed from action.  Some better questions to ask might be:

Am I closer to Christ this week than last?

Where have I seen Christ this week?

How can I serve the Kingdom of God better this week than last?

Please join me in asking those questions, and then taking some time listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  May we both have the courage to act.

Gil Hanke, general secretary

General Commission on UM Men



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