Louisiana Conference Long Term Recovery is Ready to Receive Teams

In response to an unprecedented flooding event this past spring that affected much of North and Central Louisiana, as well as a number of the state's southeastern parishes, Louisiana's United Methodist churches are continuing to meet the needs of those affected by the devastating rains.

The Louisiana Conference is ready to receive teams from across the state and from throughout the country that are ready to give hope to those still counting their loss. Both skilled and unskilled volunteers are needed for the recovery effort. There will be skilled individuals to teach every level of volunteer how to do the work needed. And if you have a construction-related skill, we can put your expertise to good use.

To register your team, contact Rev Larry D Norman, Volunteer Coordinator, by emailing lduckn@aol.com ordisasterreliefvolunteers@laumc.org or calling (225) 933-1881. At present, team registration is being handled individually. Additional information and web site registration will be available soon at www.LA-UMC.org

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