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Men will come for the fellowship

By Mark Lubbock

“Three times a year all the men are to appear before the Sovereign Lord.”

–– Exodus 23:17

Men’s ministry can be tough––particularly if you are working to establish a new group, and even more so if you are trying to expand an existing organization, ministry or group. The most frequently asked question is “How can we get men interested?”

Jesus modeled the best way to connect with men. He didn’t just post a “volunteers wanted” notice in the Galilean Gazette and wait at the synagogue to see who showed up. He went to the seaside and talked with men as they unloaded their boats.

In practical terms, this means providing opportunities that are aligned with men’s interests or needs. Men like to gather together if they feel like they are part of something that truly matters.

Business meetings do not fit this criterion.

Men who are already on board and committed will feel a sense of duty and come to a business meeting; others will shun this like the coronavirus.

A successful ministry plans events and activities that fill a man’s need for fellowship and significance. Dynamic speakers are fine, but only if the event itself has a greater purpose or mission. Men are made to answer challenges and to fix things on a grand scale.

The mission of your men’s organization must be clear, worthy, doable and include a call to a man’s heart.

What will keep men involved and will grow the group is when men have meaningful relationships with others. This is why personal invitations are important.

When men are offered a compelling reason to gather, and when they know some of the other men who also plan to attend, they are likely to show up, and they will bring a friend.

Men will share things they enjoy.

Have a worthy reason for your next gathering. Offer a compelling challenge, and personally invite the men (Hint: food is always helpful).

Mark Lubbock, a certified men’s ministry specialist and deployed staff member

General Commission on UM Men



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