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Men’s commission eliminates multifaceted position


While other United Methodist general agencies have been forced to reduce staff during the pandemic, the General Commission on UM Men had avoided that necessity until May 27; that’s when Gil Hanke, top staff executive of the Nashville-based agency, was forced to eliminate a  post serving the Center for Scouting Ministries, the UM Men Foundation and Strength for Service.


Marc Stowe, a 23-year veteran in that post, provided Scout leaders with the materials they needed and assisted the UM Men Foundation with awards and fund-raising efforts. He also spent hours packing and mailing out copies of Strength for Service books.


“Marc worked with all of us “said Hanke, and all of us miss him greatly.  Marc loved to laugh and loved music, and clearly loved each of us and each of our constituents across the connection.  We were blessed to have Marc and he shared his many talents with us every day. 

The commission receives funds from many different sources, but all were dramatically reduced, which required this unwanted step.”    


“I have made some wonderful life-long friends during my 23 years at the commission,” said Stowe. “I have especially enjoyed working with local churches and their scouting coordinators with their awards and other issues.  Working with Larry Coppock and the Strength for Service organization has been an incredible experience.  I wish the commission the best of luck as the entire denomination, which I grew up in, maneuvers through these challenging times.”

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