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L.W. Smith (right) presents additional copies of Strength for Service books to Chaplain James Duke (left) and Deputy Chief Todd Henry.

Nashville police officers thank SFS team for devotional books

Two years ago the Strength for Service team distributed copies of Strength for Service to God and Community to the 1,434 police officers in Nashville.

On Friday, March 3, Police Chaplain James Duke and Deputy Chief Todd Henry visited the NACP meeting to thank the conference presidents for the devotional books.

One month prior to the visit, the Nashville Police Department lost 44-year-old  Officer Eric Mumaw. The 18-year veteran officer downed while trying to save a driver whose car was sinking beneath the surface of frigid water.

Both officers told the assembly how much the death has affected the 1,434 officers

L.W. Smith, president of the Strength for Service Corporation, presented additional copies of the books to the officers and asked that they be given to the family of Officer Mumaw.





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