National association launches training sessions

By Steve Nailor

I had two wonderful experiences in August.

First, I attended my first meeting of the General Commission on UM Men. I have served on other general boards over my career with the denomination. I was a delegate to four general and jurisdictional conferences and a member of the governing board of the National Council of Churches. What impressed me about the commission is that all 20 members––and I mean all––want UM Men to grow and expand their ministries. This 20-year-old commission is committed to making disciples for Jesus Christ.

My second experience was attendance at the annual meeting of the North Central Jurisdiction UM Men. All but one of the conference presidents met together prior to the Northern Illinois Conference Spiritual Congress.

The Rev. Dr. Rick Vance, the new director of men’s ministry, joined us as we reviewed new training materials designed to help conference, district, and local presidents understand their duties and responsibilities.

The National Association of Conference Presidents (NACP) is engaged in an effort to provide training for leaders of UM Men at all levels. Members of the NACP Executive Committee will be trained first, followed by the men’s ministry specialists. The conference presidents and men’s ministry specialists will then provide training at the conference, district, and local-church levels.

I encourage you to participate in one of these training session designed to strengthen your men’s group and your ministry to and with our men.

Steve Nailor, president

National Association of Conference Presidents



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