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Wade Mays (center) presents the Meals for Millions top award to George Groves, president of Northern Illinois Annual Conference UM Men (left), and Steve Nailor, a leader of the Rockford District and president of the National Association of Conference Presidents. The Rockford District led all districts in giving to the Society of St. Andrew with gifts totaling $13,785.

Northern Illinois top contributor to hunger relief

Nashville, Tenn.––In 2016, UM Men of Northern Illinois Conference contributed $21,255 to Meals for Millions, a hunger-relief effort of the Society of St. Andrew.

Each year, Wade Mays, a staff member of the ministry based in Big Island, Va., honors the top conference and presents the conference with the largest increase in giving with a “Bud the Spud Award.”

Missouri Conference won the “Bud the Spud Award by contributing $8,745, a 94 percent increase in giving from 2015 to 2016.

1. Northern Illinois  $21,255

2. Virginia   $18,464

3. Baltimore - Washington    $12,475

4. Detroit    $11,880

5. Missouri   $8,780  

6. Indiana   $8,745

7. Upper New York   $7,971

8. Susquehanna  $5,419

9. North Carolina   $4,670

10. Illinois Great River            $3,895




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